Suits 4×10 – This Is Rome – Recap

Harvey and Donna on Suits

Tonight was the summer finale of Suits, and let me tell you, it was a doozy. By far, this was one of Rick Hoffman’s best performances of the entire series. I can’t wait to see what else this man brings to the legal drama.

If you thought Louis’ resignation from Pearson Specter was shocking, then I don’t know how you’re going to handle tonight’s episode. That ending! That scene between Louis and Donna! Louis’ speech to Jessica! I will for sure be watching that on repeat.

Want to know what I’m talking about? Read our recap of Suits 4×10: “This Is Rome” to find out!

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Lauren Conrad Says There’s ‘No Greater Feeling’ Than Rescuing Animals

Lauren Conrad supports animal rescue

Some think of her as being all about fashion, but Lauren Conrad is also all about rescuing animals.

Today, the former “Hills” star posted her thoughts on the perfect time to get an animal, in addition to the best options for welcoming a pet home. Conrad would know, especially since she’s the proud owner of two adorable pups, Chloe and Fitz.

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Famke Janssen Says No to Meat, Dairy, and Plastic Water Bottles

Famke Janssen says no to meat, dairy and plastic water bottles

It looks like “X-Men” star Famke Janssen is putting her superhero skills to good use when it comes to animals and the environment.

The actress, who currently stars in Netflix’s “Hemlock Grove,” is revealing some top-notch beauty and fitness secrets. If you too want to look ageless like Janssen, the key is to adopt a vegan diet and to stop drinking water out of plastic bottles.

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Royal Pains 6×11 – HankMed on the Half-Shell – Recap

Evan and Paige on Royal Pains

Last week’s episode of Royal Pains left us with one big question: who shot Ray?

Well, not only did we find out just who put a bullet in Ray and almost shot Paige, but we also watched Divya handle her relationship with Lorena, Hank and Boris’ treatment of Tobias, Jeremiah’s continued struggles with women and Evan’s dealings with Emma and “mobster” Ray.

Read our recap of Royal Pains 6×11: “HankMed on the Half-Shell” to find out the details!

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‘NCIS’ Partners Stephanie Jacobsen With DiNozzo

Stephanie Jacobsen joins NCIS

It’s been said Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) will be getting a love interest during NCIS Season 12, and we might have some more details on just who that lucky lady is.

According to EW, Stephanie Jacobsen (Revenge, Melrose Place) is coming to the hit CBS series in a potentially recurring capacity. Set to appear in an October episode, Jacobsen will play FBI Special Agent Leia Pendergast.

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