Talking Recycling with the Ecorazzi Editors

Talking Recycling with the Ecorazzi EditorsIn order to learn about recycling techniques and programs, consider speaking with a variety of friends, family members and colleagues. This is not only a great way to learn about recycling programs across the country, but to also learn how the recycling process affects people’s lives.

I was lucky enough to interview two Ecorazzi editors, Michael d’Estries and Ali Berman, about how they implement recycling into their everyday lives. They are two extremely eco-conscious individuals who go above and beyond for our planet. Let’s learn a little bit more about them.

Michael is the co-founder and Editor at Ecorazzi, and his passion for the environment speaks volumes through his blog posts. In addition to Ecorazzi, he writes for several other eco-sites, where he informs readers about sustainable issues and how celebs support our planet.

Ali is the Senior Editor at Ecorazzi, and her adoration for the environment and celebrities shines through her work. She loves animals and standing up for their rights. Not only does she let her animal activism speak through her words, but also her actions. Ali is an adamant vegan who has been dabbling in a cruelty-free lifestyle since the age of 16.

Here’s how the two lend a helping hand through recycling.

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Willie Nelson Raises Over $120,000 for West, Texas Victims

Willie Nelson Raises Over $120,000 for West, Texas Victims Country legend Willie Nelson is once again using his music to lift the spirits of others and to benefit those affected by horrible tragedy.

On Sunday, April 28th, Nelson put on a concert for the victims of the tragic West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion. On April 17, 2013 a fertilizer company exploded resulting in 14 deaths and more than a dozen injuries.

Nelson’s concert fundraiser was held to provide aid to all those suffering, and he managed to raise $81,900. The money went directly to the West Volunteer Fire Department, reports.

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Most Popular Unseen and Unheard TV Characters

It’s become more common than not for TV shows to keep characters quiet and hidden. One wouldn’t think such characters would become the talk of the town, but even roles that remain unseen and unheard contribute to television series greatly. Here are some of the most popular characters that never need to memorize lines and/or get dolled up in the makeup trailer before filming.

1. Maris CraneMost Popular Unseen and Unheard TV Characters
Niles Crane (David Hyde Pierce) might have been married three times, but one of his most dysfunctional relationships was with first wife, Maris. Even though the audience never saw or heard her, the show did a fabulous job of depicting her character through the mouths of Niles, Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) and Martin (John Mahoney). Maris was a difficult woman who never ate, liked to spend money and even snuck out of the country after committing murder, in self-defense.

2. Mrs. WolowitzMost Popular Unseen and Unheard TV Characters
“The Big Bang Theory” just wouldn’t be the same without Howard Wolowitz’s (Simon Helberg) relationship with his mother. In the past, Howard has been extremely dependent on his mother, but now that he’s married to Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) he’s somewhat steered away from his mother’s overbearing nature. Since the beginning, Mrs. Wolowitz has never been on camera. She’s been described as a heavy woman, and it’s no lie she has a loud voice, which speaks volumes. In one of the recent episodes, the audience did see the back of Mrs. Wolowitz, but has yet to see her face.

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Friends: Where Are They Now?

Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe. These six characters entered our lives in 1994, and thankfully remained there for 10 years. From marriages to pregnancies to coffee at Central Perk, this group of friends truly became friends to avid fans. Let’s see where the New York City gang is at today.

1. Character: Rachel Green
Actress: Jennifer Aniston
Friends: Where Are They Now?
For 10 years she stole hearts as Rachel Green on the small screen, but now Jennifer Aniston continues making a name for herself on the big screen. When “Friends” ended in 2004, Aniston quickly jumped into movies including “Derailed,” “Rumor Has It” and “The Break-Up.” Most recently she’s starred in “Wanderlust,” “Horrible Bosses” and “The Switch.” She has also dabbled in some TV starring alongside her real-life and “Friends” best friend, Courteney Cox, in “Dirt” and “Cougar Town.” Aniston also hasn’t been shy to make headlines when it comes to her relationships. After her marriage with Brad Pitt ended in 2005, she dated Vince Vaughn, John Mayer and is now engaged to actor Justin Theroux.

2. Character: Monica Geller
Actress: Courteney CoxFriends: Where Are They Now?
After playing obsessive clean freak Monica Geller, Courteney Cox tried out drama with the series “Dirt,” but that didn’t work out for her. She then starred in several movies, including “Scream 4” where she reprised the role of Gale Weathers-Riley. In 2009, she returned to her comedy roots and can now be seen as the leading lady in TBS’ “Cougar Town.” Also in 2009, Cox reunited with former “Friends” co-star Lisa Kudrow in the comedy, “Web Therapy.” She’s been in and out of the spotlight ever since “Friends,” but one thing that’s kept her in the limelight is her supportive relationship with ex-husband David Arquette and their daughter, Coco. During Arquette’s appearance on “Dancing with the Stars,” Cox and Coco were repeatedly spotted on the sidelines cheering for him.

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Spend the Night in Jared Leto’s Bed and Eat Vegan Pancakes

Spend the Night in Jared Leto’s Bed and Eat Vegan Pancakes Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in Jared Leto’s bed and indulging in some delicious vegan pancakes in the morning? Guess what? That fantasy could become a reality.

Leto’s band, Thirty Second to Mars, is holding the ultimate contest, called THE SLEEPOVER, for fans. Those who enter have the chance to win an opportunity to not only visit the band’s “LAB” and see where they create music, but to also spend the night at THE LAB on Tuesday, May 21. Five winners will be selected.

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